From the desk of James Elliott
July 15, 2024

WARNING Don't spend any more of your hard earned money on the Internet until you have read this book.

This book teaches you how to easily save your financial details from getting into the hands of scammers.

I wrote my book, "CYBERSCAMS : A visual guide to 25 of the biggest Internet scams", way back in 2007 and guess what? The lessons I teach in my book are still relevant today (2018).
While the scams may have evolved but by using the lessons I teach you can still spot them with ease.

  • Do you do your banking on the Internet?
  • Do you use your credit card online?
  • Have you just started on the Internet?
  • Are you running a successful ebay store?
  • Do you have an online gambling account?
  • Do you use PAYPAL for online transactions?
  • Do you have any financial information on the Internet?
  • Do you operate a profitable web site?

If you answeredYES to any of these questions then Scammers are after you!

Hi, My name is James Elliott and I've been surfing the Internet since 1996.

In that time I've seen a lot of scams and received a lot of spam email (I currently receive about 100 per day).
What really worries me about these scams is that they get BETTER all the time, they learn what works and what doesn't.

Do these scams work?  I have a university degree and I've been tricked twice!

In 2003 I accidentally gave my ebay details to the Russian mafia!  I learnt the hard way and thought 'I'll never get caught again' but in 2007 I accidentally gave my brothers online betting account details to Armenian scammers!!.
Both times I felt like a real fool.
The second time I felt even worse because I was writing my book on Cyberscams (and was nearly finished) when I gave away my brothers betting account, I couldn't believe it!  So why did it happen?  Because I didn't know what a scam looked like that targeted online betting accounts!  I now know what they look like and how they work - and you'll find this information in my book 'Cyberscams : A visual guide to 25 of the biggest Internet scams.'

"My financial details are on a secure server, I have nothing to worry about"

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!The secure server is indeed very safe, (no secure server has been hacked into as of yet) - but that is not the way scammers get your account details!

They 'Phish' (I explain the term in more detail in the book) for your details and they trick you into GIVING THEM YOUR PASSWORD!!
There is no need for them to hack the secure system to get at your finances because they now have your password.

Seriously, how long has it taken you to build a successful business?  Maybe a profitable online betting account?  Is your Paypal account full of money after lots of successful transactions?


You really do need to look after yourself because nobody else will.

This book covers ebay scams, paypal scams, the Nigerian letter scam, lottery scams and many others.

I have found that the best defence against scams is KNOWLEDGE, and this book will give you just that.

This book will teach you the following -

  • The Nigerian letter scam; how they contact you, how it works and how to avoid it.
  • Phishing email - what they are and how they work.
  • What to do if you have given your details away to a scammer.
  • SEVENTEEN different scams that target ebay users;  It doesn't matter if you are a buyer or a seller!  There are even scams that target third party users!!
  • The most dud items you can buy on ebay; these are usually instructional booklets which, if you followed them correctly, would cause you to lose even MORE money!  The only way to make money from these booklets is to sell them to some other sucker!
  • How people really do make money from ebay - and ebay is desperately trying to close this loophole.
  • Lottery scams.  You may think they are easy to spot but the scammers are getting even more cunning, you might not be able to spot them next year unless you learn a few tricks that the scammers can't get around.
  • Affiliate programs that go haywire - ever sold a product that suddenly stopped selling?  I'll explain how it happens and the simple steps to take in order for it not to happen again.
  • Internet viruses - has a friend really sent you that greeting card?  or are you about to have you hard drive re-formatted?  (I had a virus delete everything once, lost two years of animation that I had created.  I was that devastated that I left the industry!)
  • This book should be compulsive reading before a person is allowed onto the Internet - don't let yourself be scammed!

"Cyberscams : a Visual Guide to 25 of the Biggest Internet Scams".

"Cyberscams: A visual guide to 25 of the biggest Internet scams".